8 Shocking Myths about Vacuuming

If you want to be an informed vacuum consumer, then there are some general myths you have to avoid. Whether it is basic misunderstanding of the concept or junk science made by vacuum companies, certain “facts” just do not hold water.

It is All About the Amps

Just like with a car and horsepower, a vacuum with lots of amps does not mean a whole lot of anything on its own. There are filtration systems, the belt and motor functions of the vacuum to consider as well. Handling and design also come into play when finding the right vacuum for you. Picking up the vacuum with the most firepower only means having a powerful vacuum. That alone does not mean a quality machine.


High Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, is a fancy way of saying that over 99% of particles larger than 0.3-micron diameter particles are picked up. However, whether or not a vacuum has a HEPA, it may still do as good of a job cleaning up your house. If you are truly concerned about the particles that your vacuum may or may not pick up, ask for the “Particles out” numbers. That way you can know the quality of the particular machine.

The Bowling Ball Myth

The bowling ball trick has been used for some time. The trick is based on general physics. A seal is created by the hose and the balls that is hard to break. However, this does not mean that the vacuum will clean the dust, dirt, and dander from underneath your carpet. It simply means that if you stick your hose to a mirror, it may be harder to remove when puling directly backward.

Belts are All The Same

Simply put, cheap vacuums have cheap belts. Belts that are not high quality can stretch, slip, and wear. You do not want a weak or cheap belt in your car engine. Why would you want a faulty one in your vacuum? It becomes more expensive to fix the vacuum than it would be to simply buy a better one to begin with.

Cyclone Systems Means Easier Maintenance

All cyclone models are still reliant upon filters. Those filters need cleaning and that must be done manually. It is important to keep up on “particles in, particles out” to know exactly what kind of maintenance you are likely to deal with regarding overall performance. Many conventional microfilters can actually perform better than cyclone models over time.

Vacuums Designs are Similar

There are a few types of vacuums that exist today. There are ergonomic types, canister models, and backpack models. The specific designs can also vary from model to model just like in automobiles. There are trucks, vans, and cars, and then there are the many different styles and types of each. Each has its positives and negatives. Each should be researched regarding those positives and negatives. Make sure you buy what will work best for you.

Quality Suction Equals a Quality Vacuum

Just as stated above with amps, the power of suction does not tell the whole story regarding a vacuum. The design, filtration design and function, as well as the airflow are all important things to consider. Just because a vacuum is supposedly able to out-suction all other vacuums does not mean quality cleaning.

Buying A Vacuum

cleaning with vacuum

Do you think you’re in the market for a fresh vacuum? Regardless of whether you are searching for a brand new product for the household, workplace or cleaning business, it is important to recognize the variations between vacuum cleaners and what capabilities and qualities will be the most critical for you personally. For instance, should you own a cleaning business the Hoover WindTunnel Bagged machine could be what you want since it is a more durable industrial type product. Should you be buying a vacuum for the household, you’d probably not have to have something quite so tough and higher priced.

choose the best vacuum
Buying A Vacuum

In this article we’ll review a few of the primary capabilities to look out for when you are buying a brand new vacuum. To begin with, as mentioned above, you need to recognize if you are buying a machine for the household or more of an professional type vacuum. Certainly, the industrial vacuums will have several advantages that the more simple home cleaners don’t have. You will also pay a higher amount for the industrial vacuum cleaners for those exact same factors. Industrial vacuum cleaners, like the Hoover Commercial Upright Vacuum are apt to have motors with more power and are very resilient and longer lasting.

Do you want a canister vacuum or an upright design? Canister vacuums perform great with regards to flexibility and getting into those difficult to reach places. They’re also somewhat easier to maneuver if you have plenty of stairs to consider.  You can also use amazing tips to clean your house with canister vacuum easily. Upright vacuum cleaners typically perform best if you are using them on one level of the home. They can also be much better for the individual that has back issues and doesn’t wish to bring about a lot of stress on their body while bending over.

After that, you will want to figure out if you want a vacuum which has bags or is bagless. Utilizing a bagless vacuum has the apparent advantage of saving you money on the purchase of replacement bags. These have become very common plus they are very user friendly. One particular disadvantage to the bagless vacuum could be that it is a bit messier as you do need to clear out the grime and dust. Should you be someone who suffers a whole lot because of allergies this may be a reason to consider going with the bagged vacuum since you could have much less interaction with all the allergens it may include.

cleaning with vacuum

For those who have severe allergy symptoms, you might think about a vacuum using special filtration to help with the dust and other pollutants that may be causing you suffering. HEPA filter systems will capture the smaller allergens which otherwise would be recirculated back to your house.

Regardless of whether you decide to opt for the Hoover Commercial vacuum mentioned previously or another make and model of vacuums, be sure to take the time to study a little on the net. Hoover is an example of a wonderful manufacturer which has products that are usually reliable and highly recommended, but there are other favorite brands also. Take the time to examine consumer critiques and testimonials regarding the particular models that you are considering. Achieving this study before you purchase your vacuum will assist you to feel more comfortable in terms of the monetary expenditure involved.

Benefits of the Bissell Healthy Home vacuum


One of the best floor and air vacuum cleaners on the market today is the Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum. This vacuum cleaner can help to create a healthier home or office environment by shifting bacteria, pollen, dust, mold, and a boon for the pet owners amongst us, this fantastic machine can clear up to 99 percent of pet dander. Below is a list of some of the advantages that contribute to the success of the excellent

Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum cleaner.


There is a continuous and powerful suction supply that is controlled by a multi-cyclonic system. This very efficient system ensures maximum dust collection to ensure a clean and hygienic surface after cleaning.
The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum cleaner contains a HEPA filter which increases the level of suction and ensures that pet dander does not remain in the room once it has been vacuumed. In addition, this efficient cleaner also retains all the debris collected and reduces the level of allergens in the home to an almost negligible level whilst purifying the air in the room.
This amazing vacuum cleaner has a microban coating on the interior surfaces of the cleaner which kills all any bacteria that is collected during the cleaning process. This makes it impossible for bacteria to be transferred from room to room as you vacuum.
The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum is a bagless cleaner with an easy to empty canister.
This vacuum cleaner comes complete with a 35 feet long power cord which makes cleaning a large room much easier as there is not usually a need to change the plug from socket to socket. It is a very affordable vacuum cleaner and compares well with the other vacuums with similar attributes.


Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum Cleaners all come with the usual attachments that you would expect with any top of the range vacuum cleaners such as; a duster brush, a crevice tool and a turbo brush which allows the user to remove any trace of pet hair that have been left on any surface. This turbo brush helps to ensure that any fine dirt particles are not left on any surface. This brush has a separate 12 amp motor to maximize its efficiency in removing pet hair from any surface such as furniture and car seats. This simple turbo brush tool makes the Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum Cleaner one of the best and most efficient vacuum cleaners on the market today when compared with other vacuum cleaners.

The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum is great for hotels as well as in a domestic situation. It is especially effective in homes where one of the family members has some sort of allergy as the Bissell removes most, if not all, of the allergens in the air. This vacuum is highly rated by the people who were asked to try it.

Robot Vacuum Profile


Bots for cleaning the floors have been available on the market for quite some time. We might not notice them in a human-like form, nevertheless they can be found in numerous items carrying out particular things for people just like various home jobs. Around cleanup, for an instance, most of the people work with a robot vacuum to perform easy as well as heavy-duty clean-up.

From various electronic suppliers or from our online site you will find virtually every type of robotic vacuum cleaner. There could be the one that you simply have already been wanting to assist you with your every day residence tasks. Another use might be in some cases pertaining to commercial employs. Here is exactly where you will find the top robotic vacuum cleaners to your demands.


A new robot carpet cleaner is the best system applied for preserving a home squeaky clean. But it surely is not only fantastic regarding home use as they can be equally economical within commercial companies for example retailers, practices, colleges and others. Constructed with unmatched energy, this kind of robot wonder can do heavy-duty maintaining with effectiveness.

One of the best features of any robot carpet cleaner is that it may appropriately clean tough to reach locations, departing it dirt-free. By using most current improvements in know-how included with this machine, it has built-in receptors that can alert the robotic vacuum of its latest position so it won’t journey over on ledges or even steps.


You are able to pick from a wide variety of robotic cleaners with diverse characteristics and features. Considering the quite a few choices obtainable, you can simply decide on the best vacuum cleaner to be your own household assistance.

On top of that listing is the strong line of iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuums. Such robo vacuums are specially made to offer maximum productivity in terms of cleaning. In fact, according to statistical studies, this iRobot Robotic Vacuum Roomba range is the best selling robotic vacuum unit around the world. Prices cover anything from $250 to $500.

Next will be the Karcher RC 3000 Robo vacuum cleaner. Using a little adjustment at its programming, this particular unit can do jobs without attention. It automatically goes back to its docking station any time it takes recharging or even emptying of the dustpan.

You may also check out the Metapo CleanMate personalized clean-up robot. It’s functional and can practically clean any type of area, from carpet to hard-to-clean surfaces just like tiles and also hardwood. Best of all, CleanMate may be the only robo vacuum which will simultaneously accomplish the cleaning, deodorizing, and also sanitizing of the place.

Considering the helpful features presented, we can express that the future of efficient cleaning has already been here. Using a robo vacuum, persons can start living a lifestyle free of the bondage of clean-up. By using household robots, you could have additional time in your friends and family as well as perform things which might be of greater importance compared to keeping a mop.

How Do Dyson Floor Cleaners Work?


Dyson vacuums arrived and then dramatically changed the way in which people think about vacuums. The particular funky kind of a new Dyson DC34 vacuum cleaner could be the consequence of performance over form plus was created through the very first to solve the largest complaint customers had regarding vacuums – decrease in suck since the bag filled up.

Just how do Dyson Hoovers get the job done?

Just before Dyson DC35 arrived, all vacuums used bags, but because the bag filled up a vacuum cleaner suddenly lost suck strength. Dyson vacuums don’t possess a sack plus they never decrease suck. Rather, Dyson vacuum cleaners employ centrifugal pressure to produce suck. That trademarked Cyclone Technology moves the air at very high tempo, which inturn yields very good suck. The grime is actually accumulated inside vacuum’s crystal clear plastic-type material trash can – zero suck strength will be sacrificed, even though the actual bin is almost filled up.

Which are the advantages of choosing a new Dyson vacuum cleaner?


The first advantage really needs to be its actual astounding suck energy continues for a lifetime. After that, all the different Dyson vacuums means you will get the appropriate device to clean your floorings, whether you might have mats, tiles, hard wood floors and so forth.
Next, Dyson vacuum cleaners are actually style tokens; cool but tough. You could showcase your vacuum cleaner in your family.
After that, like all best vacuums, Dyson has a Hepa filtration system. Dyson’s Hepa filtration system can be described as life time filtration system which never takes replacing, you merely cleanse that in the event it wants that. In addition, around ninetynine percent of the microorganisms and mold spores that are taken up remain in the actual vacuum cleaner, rendering the actual Dyson a really good carpet cleaner regarding allergic reaction patients.
Dyson vacuums feature extensive devices and accessories to be able to clean every part of your home. Dyson’s extension hose pipe is made for tackling stairs, whilst the telescope access allows you to clean curtains or perhaps above your head spiderwebs without the hassle of putting your unit together.

Just as you would probably assume from a vacuum cleaner that is well liked by clients, when you obtain a Dyson, you additionally get yourself a vacuum cleaner with an above average warrantee in addition to after sales service. Dyson vacuum cleaner elements are often accessible and maintenance tasks tend to be timely for their extensive vendor circle.
While Dyson vacuums are actually bagless, there’re beneficial to the environment. Draining this airborne dirt and dust bin is very effortless.

Dyson DC34
Are there any disadvantages?

Clearly, not everybody enjoys this style from Dyson vacuum cleaners. In addition, some like that their particular vacuum cleaners make use of bags; they do not want to empty this airborne dirt and dust bin. Although, the most significant pitfall with choosing a Dyson carpet cleaner is expense. Dyson vacuum cleaners are more expensive than its competitors along with the original cost could be off-putting for many. Nonetheless, getting a Dyson vacuum cleaner should be considered as a possible expense for the future; you should expect to get many years of service from your Dyson.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Review


While there are certainly full-sized upright vacuum cleaners out there which cater to the household lodging multiple pets, there are some animal lovers out there who only have a single cat or dog and may not wish to adjust their entire supply of cleaning tools around the fuzzy creature. There are yet others who keep their house clean regularly enough that the buildup of pet hair is simply not an issue; however, even these people may occasionally find themselves with unexpected company on the way and not much time to break out a full-sized vacuum cleaner just to tidy up the excess hair on the couch. This is where a handheld vacuum comes in handy. Since pet hair is often prone to become lodged in the upholstery if left unattended (and can be finicky even when recently shed), it would behoove such a person to have a handheld vacuum on hand which is created specifically to deal with small pet hairs and other refuse that might cling to the surfaces of furniture, stairs, and other hard-to-vacuum spots. Better yet, why not pick one with two nozzles? Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld (Corded) Review is surely one of the best vacuum for pet hair.
Defining Features:

Two Nozzles for Contours and Hard Surfaces:


Both nozzles serve their own useful purpose, effectively doubling the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser’s utility. The contour nozzle is made of rubber and is malleable enough to maneuver around the surfaces of upholstered furniture. With high suction capacity, this nozzle is able to grab even the smallest or clingiest of hair from any surface. There is also a hard nozzle which is less flexible but is useful for dry waste such as crumbs that may have spilled on the kitchen floor or even in the car. The two nozzles easily snap on and can be removed for swift replacement with the press of a button.

Easy to Use and Reuse:


With little to speak of in terms of weight, and a cord which can read over five yards, this handheld vacuum is incredibly simple to use. While it is already geared toward quick clean-up jobs, the work goes even faster when the dust bin is properly maintained. The bin is easily removable, and frequent emptying ensures prolonged quality of use in terms of intake capacity.

Customer Reviews:

At the time of this writing there were 1,286 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. One of the few complaints about this product is that the exhaust system blows outward and can scatter larger clumps of pet hair which have gathered on hard floors. For those who stick to other surfaces such as stairs and upholstery, however, no such complaint has been recorded and this vacuum is generally regarded as working great for the clean-up of smaller hairs. Over 1,100 of the product’s reviews have granted it four or more stars, due not only to its ease of use but also its surprising suction for a handheld vacuum of its size. The rubber contour nozzle is especially praised for its ability to catch hairs with which other vacuums might have difficulty.


The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is stronger than the average user would expect from a corded handheld, and it delivers on its promise to keep sofas, car interiors, stairs, and other surfaces clean when used for spot-checking and touch-ups. Users will find that, regardless of which nozzle they use for the occasion, they hold in their hands a vacuum which is as powerful as it is easy to work with. Another masterpiece from bissell is Bissell PowerEdge Pet.

Finding the Best Canister Vacuum


Unlike the larger vacuums, canister vacuum cleaners are made for lighter cleaning such as cleaning small spills, crumbs and debris. A canister vacuum is very convenient to have around the house since it’s the perfect for quickly cleaning up small messes.

Finding the best canister vac is also not nearly as difficult as finding the best full sized vacuum. Although it’s less strenuous and less expensive to buy a canister vacuum that’s handheld, it still requires you, as a buyer, to understand what it is you’re looking for and what exactly you plan to do with it once you have it.

Below are a few things you need to consider before you can go out and find the best rated canister vacuum reviews all time.

3 Important Things to Do Before Purchasing

1. Determine Its Use


Before you make the decision to go out and buy yourself a brand new canister vacuum cleaner, you must have a clear view of what it is you’re looking for, and what it is you’re expecting it to clean. Answering these questions will help you find your ideal canister vacuum.

For example, if you’re looking for a vacuum to use in your car, then your ideal vacuum would have to small with easy maneuverability. There are both cordless and corded vacuums that match this description. The corded ones are ideal in the sense that it won’t constantly drain your battery. The cordless ones can be good too, but some models have a battery life of only six minutes.

Another thing to keep in mind are the attachments that go with the vacuum, like a hose or brush, as this can really make cleaning a lot easier for you.

2. Determine Its Performance

Eureka Canister Vacuum

Ultra-High Performance Vacuum:


Determining the performance of each canister vacuum is also another thing you should consider. This is just so you’ll know which ones suit your cleaning needs the best.

Since these handheld cleaners are smaller and lightweight, they should only be used to clean up after smaller jobs. If you’re looking to sweep your entire home, then a canister vacuum is not ideal since it’s not equipped to handle these larger cleaning tasks.

The best thing to do to determine a vacuum’s performance is to read up on the manufacturer’s information, usually listed on their main website, and check out its suction power, the amount of dirt it can handle and its battery life.

3. Go Online

If you’re unsatisfied or unsure with the information you’ve found and wish to find out more about a particular model, reading reviews left by previous customers can be very helpful. There are plenty of honest reviews that can help you narrow down the ideal brand and model for your specific needs.

Checking out different models and brands online will also allow you to compare prices and determine which offers the most value for its price.

Where to buy:

Eureka Canister Vacuum

Running on Air: Maintenance Tips for Vacuum Cleaner Motors


Vacuum cleaners are one of the most reliable appliances that we use in regards to keeping our floors and carpets clean. In the olden days, it used to be the broom, but since we can thank ourselves for the technological advancement that we made, I guess we do deserve the convenience of what our technology can offer us in return. People are often excited when they get a new home appliance, in this case, a brand new vacuum cleaner. Most people want to know, first hand, if the vacuum cleaner that they bought really does the job that it is expected it to do. Most people find their purchased vacuum cleaner to be satisfactory, easily giving you the convenience of keeping your floors and carpets clean.

You also need to realize that a vacuum cleaner also has a limited amount of user mileage, resulting from prolonged use. The average lifespan or operational use of a residential vacuum cleaner can range from 3 years to 5 years depending upon the frequency of use. Most of the time, vacuum cleaner motors “seize up” due to overheating, considering the amount of electricity that it uses and the friction of the stator, the usual maintenance of a vacuum cleaner motor should be between 6 months to a year.

Did you think that vacuum cleaner motors are maintenance free? Even though we had made leaps and bounds with the technological advancement in making these motors, we yet need to see a electrical motor that does not need any maintenance.

The First Sign of a Problem

How to know if there is something wrong with your vacuum motor? Well, first of all, the suction power is dramatically reduced, and the noise that your motor is churning out, seems to be louder than usual. Such occurrences clearly proves that something is wrong with your motor. Another symptom will be that of above average heat being emitted by the motor, which is an indicator of excessive friction. Friction usually is a normal state in which all electrical induction motors go through, and since the only   thing that gives a small amount of resistive force that puts load to your motor is the air that passes through the air filtering system of your vacuum.

Big deal, its just air you might say, but think of the amount of air that it needs to move, just to create the ample amount of workable suction power to pull out the dirt from your floor and carpet. You also want to consider the particles that build up within the confines of the air filter that slowly accumulates and produces added resistance to your motor. That is why you have to frequently clean out the accumulated debris collected in the filter itself. There is also the tiny particulates that manage to escape from the main collection compartment that ends up being sucked in by the motor’s stator.

You think that these particulates are so small that it poses no threat to your motor? There is no such thing as a perfectly sealed motor and the deteriorating effect of these small particles can greatly contribute to the vacuum’s motor being damaged through the course of it’s lifetime use.

Reducing the Friction of the Motor

Most 12 ampere vacuum motors need to consume an average of 1,200 to 1,400 watts of electricity to enable it to produce 30 to 40 pounds per square inch of suction. These motors use carbon brush contact points that go through the armature and into the magnetic wiring field to induce the motor to run (in the case of induction motors). The heat produced by the carbon brush contact points with the armature is normal even as ample amount of sparks are produced, much similar to that of power tools. Applying ample amounts of oil regularly on the location of where the ball bearings and the stator shaft meets is a good way of reducing the build up of friction.


It is wise to know that factory standards of lubricants such as grease are put in the bearings prior to shipping them to the vacuum cleaner factories where they are assembled. The grease that was applied during the time that the motor was assembled tends to get used up like that of used cooking oil, that it eventually ends up causing damage to your motor. The grease tends to attract small particulates that act as “grinding compounds” that inevitably increase the clearance of the space between the stator shaft and the ball bearings, causing the stator to wobble in a microscopic manner.

Imagine your motor wobbling in an almost unnoticeable way, but multiply that with 1,500 rounds per minute. If you continue to disregard this, the wobbling effect can dramatically increase through time, and you may end up repairing your motor or much worst…replace it with a new one, all because you did not bother to make preventive maintenance on your motor.

Vacuum Cleaner Motor Types and Maintenance


This article will only be dealing with preventive maintenance in order to extend your vacuum cleaner’s usability in order to serve you better. It is advised that if problems occur concerning the stator in being beyond irreparable, due to the growing gap between the ball bearings, it is more financially reasonable to replace it with a new motor.

There are usually just two common types of vacuum cleaner motors that are used by manufacturers that they put inside their vacuum cleaners, the ball bearing type induction motors and the sleeve bearing type motors. Obviously you can not just take a screw driver and simply pry open your vacuum cleaner to see what kind of motor it could have, that will just void the warranty. It is suggested that you should only do this when the warranty for your appliance has already been expired and voided.

Ball Bearing Type Motors with Carbon Brush Contact Points and Sleeve Bearing Motors

The maintenance of these types of motors can be evaluated through defining the cause of the friction of the stator. Checking for signs of wobbling of the stator shaft can be done by first releasing the pressure that the carbon brush contact points are excreting on the stator. This can be done by releasing the spring that is pressing the carbon brush from the outside. Using a screw driver, carefully disengage the clips from the carbon brush, allowing it to let go it’s contact with the armature. You will now notice that the stator can be easily spun without much resistance from the carbon brushes.

You can now proceed to check for any signs of apparent wobbling on the stator shaft. If you do not find any substantial signs of stator wobbling, good for you, your vacuum motor can still serve you for a longer period of time. As described earlier, the standard factory lubricant that came with your motor (usually grease), should be very dirty and pretty much used up by now. Applying an ample amount of degreaser (usually used for degreasing car engines of accumulated dirt), and letting it set in to allow it to remove the old grease from the stator.

It is best if you repeat this process for about 3 times to ensure that the remnants of the old grease has been completely removed. After that, you should rotate the stator drive shaft to check if the grease has finally been dissipated in order for you to apply some anti-rusting lubricants suWD40. There are even cases that some technicians would apply engine oil additive like STP and letting it seep in for a while before applying some sewing machine oil to finish up the maintenance. A fair advice is that you should not use any grease for lubricating your motor because they tend to give  the same grinding effect that the old grease can do. After that, you can now put the carbon brush contact points back in their proper place and finish up the job.

Doing this type of maintenance for the next 6 months can very well extend the life of your vacuum cleaner, pretty much even beyond it’s serviceable requirement period. As so the same for all types of induction type motors such as electric fans and washing machine.

Why upright vacuum cleaner?


Vacuum cleaners come in various types and qualities. Depending on their structure and their price range, you can see the difference in properties and accessories. The most common type of vacuum cleaners on the market are the uprights are designed so that the main unit to clean part of the wall and the nozzle, which means, essentially, is a complete vacuum is extended. These vacuum cleaners have the advantage of agility and flexibility on other types of releases. To see the complete line of upright vacuums, visit the Bank vacuum Super Store and find exactly what you want.
Another common type of vacuum is in many homes, the empty cartridge style. This is another popular choice, depending on the quality of the cleaner is built and managed from a small metal box, the motor filter traps included, and others. This is connected to a pipe that leads the vacuum nozzle. This is a small but powerful style vacuum, sucking may not be as mobile as the upright, but the power capacity to offset the lack of mobility. Vacuum Cleaners style also tends to be less for the specified functions, which can also be a useful factor to consider costs.
However, if you are interested in taking a hand vacuum cleaner, you can choose between two options, one being the vacuum packed and the second pick the bagless variety. Here at Super store empty bank, you will find a wide range of uprights, from many different brands, and bring them home that suits you best. So if you pack for a bagless or research, you can be sure they will find in the bank, the broker’s largest void in the world.

A high-end vacuum cleaner Sebo Automatic X5 bag is 15 “Blue vacuum cleaner hand. This post offers a powerful and high cleaning efficiency. This model is designed to last, and can, to long periods of time cleaning. The Sebo X5 is an inexpensive filtration system that gives you great performance and save money in the long term as well. This vertical comes packed with accessories to help you with confidence and ease of maintenance . Sebo Vacuum This may be just what you need, take care of their house to be cleaned.
The Sebo Felix has developed another powerful upright vacuum, deliver, with its powerful 1475-watt 2 system, it means business Sebo. With a bold look, the Sebo is to attract the attention of everybody, plus the proven HEPA filtration system, you know you can count on to deliver this machine. The Sebo Felix Premium Fun upright vacuum cleaner with a 5 year warranty for parts and engine, plus a contract for 1 year labor warranty as well.
To see the full range of uprights, do not forget to visit the Bank Super empty stores for all your cleaning needs.

Sucking Power With the Dyson DC25


Every home needs a good quality vacuum, especially if you have children and pets, and I want to share my experience with you, using the Dyson DC25. I know how hard it can be to select the right vacuum, one that will provide you with years of service that you expect and be able to stand up easily over time. In fact, I hope my review of this vacuum proves useful to those in the market for a new vacuum cleaner.


Uprights are handy; there is no doubt about it. The Dyson DC25 allowed me to have the convenience of quick clean-ups without having to drag out my heavy canister vacuum, which I have finally gotten rid of.

So, how does this vacuum help me? Well, simply, we have better air. We also enjoy other things such as:

• easy pet hair removal
• lightweight body
• no arm or back strain
• better air for our pets

Don’t be fooled by the weight of the machine or assume that this affects its ability to do its job. It is very powerful and the sucking action is strong.

One chore that I’ve always hated was lugging my heavy canister vacuum upstairs with all of its attachments, trying hard not to ding the wall while doing so. With the Dyson, vacuuming the upstairs is a breeze because this vacuum is so portable and easy to maneuver.

If you are looking for a vacuum that will get the job done yet provide convenience and ease of use, without sacrificing any sucking power, the Dyson DC25 is a vacuum that fits the bill. You can stop dirt in its tracks before it spreads throughout your house or even your office, and easily manage pet hair and kids’ messes in a lightweight yet power packed vacuum.

We recommend the use of Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner for your cleaning needs. CLICK HERE to pick up your own and start changing your home cleaning experience today!