Finding the Best Canister Vacuum

Unlike the larger vacuums, canister vacuum cleaners are made for lighter cleaning such as cleaning small spills, crumbs and debris. A canister vacuum is very convenient to have around the house since it’s the perfect for quickly cleaning up small messes.

Finding the best canister vac is also not nearly as difficult as finding the best full sized vacuum. Although it’s less strenuous and less expensive to buy a canister vacuum that’s handheld, it still requires you, as a buyer, to understand what it is you’re looking for and what exactly you plan to do with it once you have it.

Below are a few things you need to consider before you can go out and find the best rated canister vacuum reviews all time.

3 Important Things to Do Before Purchasing

1. Determine Its Use


Before you make the decision to go out and buy yourself a brand new canister vacuum cleaner, you must have a clear view of what it is you’re looking for, and what it is you’re expecting it to clean. Answering these questions will help you find your ideal canister vacuum.

For example, if you’re looking for a vacuum to use in your car, then your ideal vacuum would have to small with easy maneuverability. There are both cordless and corded vacuums that match this description. The corded ones are ideal in the sense that it won’t constantly drain your battery. The cordless ones can be good too, but some models have a battery life of only six minutes.

Another thing to keep in mind are the attachments that go with the vacuum, like a hose or brush, as this can really make cleaning a lot easier for you.

2. Determine Its Performance

Eureka Canister Vacuum

Ultra-High Performance Vacuum:


Determining the performance of each canister vacuum is also another thing you should consider. This is just so you’ll know which ones suit your cleaning needs the best.

Since these handheld cleaners are smaller and lightweight, they should only be used to clean up after smaller jobs. If you’re looking to sweep your entire home, then a canister vacuum is not ideal since it’s not equipped to handle these larger cleaning tasks.

The best thing to do to determine a vacuum’s performance is to read up on the manufacturer’s information, usually listed on their main website, and check out its suction power, the amount of dirt it can handle and its battery life.

3. Go Online

If you’re unsatisfied or unsure with the information you’ve found and wish to find out more about a particular model, reading reviews left by previous customers can be very helpful. There are plenty of honest reviews that can help you narrow down the ideal brand and model for your specific needs.

Checking out different models and brands online will also allow you to compare prices and determine which offers the most value for its price.

Where to buy:

Eureka Canister Vacuum


Running on Air: Maintenance Tips for Vacuum Cleaner Motors

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most reliable appliances that we use in regards to keeping our floors and carpets clean. In the olden days, it used to be the broom, but since we can thank ourselves for the technological advancement that we made, I guess we do deserve the convenience of what our technology can offer us in return. People are often excited when they get a new home appliance, in this case, a brand new vacuum cleaner. Most people want to know, first hand, if the vacuum cleaner that they bought really does the job that it is expected it to do. Most people find their purchased vacuum cleaner to be satisfactory, easily giving you the convenience of keeping your floors and carpets clean.

You also need to realize that a vacuum cleaner also has a limited amount of user mileage, resulting from prolonged use. The average lifespan or operational use of a residential vacuum cleaner can range from 3 years to 5 years depending upon the frequency of use. Most of the time, vacuum cleaner motors “seize up” due to overheating, considering the amount of electricity that it uses and the friction of the stator, the usual maintenance of a vacuum cleaner motor should be between 6 months to a year.

Did you think that vacuum cleaner motors are maintenance free? Even though we had made leaps and bounds with the technological advancement in making these motors, we yet need to see a electrical motor that does not need any maintenance.

The First Sign of a Problem

How to know if there is something wrong with your vacuum motor? Well, first of all, the suction power is dramatically reduced, and the noise that your motor is churning out, seems to be louder than usual. Such occurrences clearly proves that something is wrong with your motor. Another symptom will be that of above average heat being emitted by the motor, which is an indicator of excessive friction. Friction usually is a normal state in which all electrical induction motors go through, and since the only   thing that gives a small amount of resistive force that puts load to your motor is the air that passes through the air filtering system of your vacuum.

Big deal, its just air you might say, but think of the amount of air that it needs to move, just to create the ample amount of workable suction power to pull out the dirt from your floor and carpet. You also want to consider the particles that build up within the confines of the air filter that slowly accumulates and produces added resistance to your motor. That is why you have to frequently clean out the accumulated debris collected in the filter itself. There is also the tiny particulates that manage to escape from the main collection compartment that ends up being sucked in by the motor’s stator.

You think that these particulates are so small that it poses no threat to your motor? There is no such thing as a perfectly sealed motor and the deteriorating effect of these small particles can greatly contribute to the vacuum’s motor being damaged through the course of it’s lifetime use.

Reducing the Friction of the Motor

Most 12 ampere vacuum motors need to consume an average of 1,200 to 1,400 watts of electricity to enable it to produce 30 to 40 pounds per square inch of suction. These motors use carbon brush contact points that go through the armature and into the magnetic wiring field to induce the motor to run (in the case of induction motors). The heat produced by the carbon brush contact points with the armature is normal even as ample amount of sparks are produced, much similar to that of power tools. Applying ample amounts of oil regularly on the location of where the ball bearings and the stator shaft meets is a good way of reducing the build up of friction.


It is wise to know that factory standards of lubricants such as grease are put in the bearings prior to shipping them to the vacuum cleaner factories where they are assembled. The grease that was applied during the time that the motor was assembled tends to get used up like that of used cooking oil, that it eventually ends up causing damage to your motor. The grease tends to attract small particulates that act as “grinding compounds” that inevitably increase the clearance of the space between the stator shaft and the ball bearings, causing the stator to wobble in a microscopic manner.

Imagine your motor wobbling in an almost unnoticeable way, but multiply that with 1,500 rounds per minute. If you continue to disregard this, the wobbling effect can dramatically increase through time, and you may end up repairing your motor or much worst…replace it with a new one, all because you did not bother to make preventive maintenance on your motor.

Vacuum Cleaner Motor Types and Maintenance


This article will only be dealing with preventive maintenance in order to extend your vacuum cleaner’s usability in order to serve you better. It is advised that if problems occur concerning the stator in being beyond irreparable, due to the growing gap between the ball bearings, it is more financially reasonable to replace it with a new motor.

There are usually just two common types of vacuum cleaner motors that are used by manufacturers that they put inside their vacuum cleaners, the ball bearing type induction motors and the sleeve bearing type motors. Obviously you can not just take a screw driver and simply pry open your vacuum cleaner to see what kind of motor it could have, that will just void the warranty. It is suggested that you should only do this when the warranty for your appliance has already been expired and voided.

Ball Bearing Type Motors with Carbon Brush Contact Points and Sleeve Bearing Motors

The maintenance of these types of motors can be evaluated through defining the cause of the friction of the stator. Checking for signs of wobbling of the stator shaft can be done by first releasing the pressure that the carbon brush contact points are excreting on the stator. This can be done by releasing the spring that is pressing the carbon brush from the outside. Using a screw driver, carefully disengage the clips from the carbon brush, allowing it to let go it’s contact with the armature. You will now notice that the stator can be easily spun without much resistance from the carbon brushes.

You can now proceed to check for any signs of apparent wobbling on the stator shaft. If you do not find any substantial signs of stator wobbling, good for you, your vacuum motor can still serve you for a longer period of time. As described earlier, the standard factory lubricant that came with your motor (usually grease), should be very dirty and pretty much used up by now. Applying an ample amount of degreaser (usually used for degreasing car engines of accumulated dirt), and letting it set in to allow it to remove the old grease from the stator.

It is best if you repeat this process for about 3 times to ensure that the remnants of the old grease has been completely removed. After that, you should rotate the stator drive shaft to check if the grease has finally been dissipated in order for you to apply some anti-rusting lubricants suWD40. There are even cases that some technicians would apply engine oil additive like STP and letting it seep in for a while before applying some sewing machine oil to finish up the maintenance. A fair advice is that you should not use any grease for lubricating your motor because they tend to give  the same grinding effect that the old grease can do. After that, you can now put the carbon brush contact points back in their proper place and finish up the job.

Doing this type of maintenance for the next 6 months can very well extend the life of your vacuum cleaner, pretty much even beyond it’s serviceable requirement period. As so the same for all types of induction type motors such as electric fans and washing machine.


Why upright vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners come in various types and qualities. Depending on their structure and their price range, you can see the difference in properties and accessories. The most common type of vacuum cleaners on the market are the uprights are designed so that the main unit to clean part of the wall and the nozzle, which means, essentially, is a complete vacuum is extended. These vacuum cleaners have the advantage of agility and flexibility on other types of releases. To see the complete line of upright vacuums, visit the Bank vacuum Super Store and find exactly what you want.
Another common type of vacuum is in many homes, the empty cartridge style. This is another popular choice, depending on the quality of the cleaner is built and managed from a small metal box, the motor filter traps included, and others. This is connected to a pipe that leads the vacuum nozzle. This is a small but powerful style vacuum, sucking may not be as mobile as the upright, but the power capacity to offset the lack of mobility. Vacuum Cleaners style also tends to be less for the specified functions, which can also be a useful factor to consider costs.
However, if you are interested in taking a hand vacuum cleaner, you can choose between two options, one being the vacuum packed and the second pick the bagless variety. Here at Super store empty bank, you will find a wide range of uprights, from many different brands, and bring them home that suits you best. So if you pack for a bagless or research, you can be sure they will find in the bank, the broker’s largest void in the world.

A high-end vacuum cleaner Sebo Automatic X5 bag is 15 “Blue vacuum cleaner hand. This post offers a powerful and high cleaning efficiency. This model is designed to last, and can, to long periods of time cleaning. The Sebo X5 is an inexpensive filtration system that gives you great performance and save money in the long term as well. This vertical comes packed with accessories to help you with confidence and ease of maintenance . Sebo Vacuum This may be just what you need, take care of their house to be cleaned.
The Sebo Felix has developed another powerful upright vacuum, deliver, with its powerful 1475-watt 2 system, it means business Sebo. With a bold look, the Sebo is to attract the attention of everybody, plus the proven HEPA filtration system, you know you can count on to deliver this machine. The Sebo Felix Premium Fun upright vacuum cleaner with a 5 year warranty for parts and engine, plus a contract for 1 year labor warranty as well.
To see the full range of uprights, do not forget to visit the Bank Super empty stores for all your cleaning needs.


Sucking Power With the Dyson DC25

Every home needs a good quality vacuum, especially if you have children and pets, and I want to share my experience with you, using the Dyson DC25. I know how hard it can be to select the right vacuum, one that will provide you with years of service that you expect and be able to stand up easily over time. In fact, I hope my review of this vacuum proves useful to those in the market for a new vacuum cleaner.


Uprights are handy; there is no doubt about it. The Dyson DC25 allowed me to have the convenience of quick clean-ups without having to drag out my heavy canister vacuum, which I have finally gotten rid of.

So, how does this vacuum help me? Well, simply, we have better air. We also enjoy other things such as:

• easy pet hair removal
• lightweight body
• no arm or back strain
• better air for our pets

Don’t be fooled by the weight of the machine or assume that this affects its ability to do its job. It is very powerful and the sucking action is strong.

One chore that I’ve always hated was lugging my heavy canister vacuum upstairs with all of its attachments, trying hard not to ding the wall while doing so. With the Dyson, vacuuming the upstairs is a breeze because this vacuum is so portable and easy to maneuver.

If you are looking for a vacuum that will get the job done yet provide convenience and ease of use, without sacrificing any sucking power, the Dyson DC25 is a vacuum that fits the bill. You can stop dirt in its tracks before it spreads throughout your house or even your office, and easily manage pet hair and kids’ messes in a lightweight yet power packed vacuum.

We recommend the use of Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner for your cleaning needs. CLICK HERE to pick up your own and start changing your home cleaning experience today!


Hoover UH30010COM Review

Absolutely clean surroundings favor serenity and Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright Vacuum UH30010COM promises for supplying required dust free cleanliness. It offers stair clean-up knob, LED headlights of high-intensity, baseboard cleaning bristles and ergonomic handle with HEPA Filtration. Powerful cleaning capacity of canister vacuum cleaner picks up 99.97% pollens, dust and dirt to the extent of 0.3 microns. Dirt puffs don’t escape from its self-sealed and quick releasing bag thus; it proves friendly and health favoring for allergy affected individuals.

Hoover UH30010COM Technical Details


Lightweight floor cleaning Hoover Platinum Lightweight UH30010COM has additional accessories same that of shoulder straps, furniture brush, floor brush, telescoping wand extension, ad crevice tools. Detachable attachments enhance your access to keep each and everything of your home neat. For controlling low or high speed, here is power control panel where you operate with fingertips. It also covers direct suction channels to multiply cleaning performance. Bag verifying indicator attached with vacuum makes you aware when there is need to changes it.

Hoover UH30010COM Product Detail

Hoover Platinum Lightweight UH30010COM is the best canister vacuum that follows product dimensions as: 38.2 x 13 x 15.5 inches along with twenty-five pounds net weight but shipping weight of this product increases to 28.4 pounds trading as well as shipping policies. It entertains you with 5 years’ warranty, wind-tunnel fast technology, powerful motor of 12amp, and HEPA bag along with indicator. If you want to be closely familiar with amazing features via online facility, you can fulfill your intension following ASIN: B001PB8EEM. Amazon product selling rank for this product is #334 and model number: UH30010COM.

Pros of Hoover UH30010COM


Enjoy amazing functions of Hoover Platinum Lightweight UH30010COM that comprises Fingertips Controls, HEPA System, Auto Adjustment for varying carpet height, Cord Placement, easily maneuver ability, lifetime warranty for LED headlights and cord release. If you have intention to remove considerably thick pile of rubbish or dust, it will work beautifully exclusive of creating any issue. Smart performance of this device makes it popular in all over the world and you get more than your expectations utilizing it as floor and up to floor cleaning tool.

Cons of Hoover UH30010COM

Slight fault that people observe with Hoover Platinum Lightweight UH30010COM is that there isn’t on/off option with brush roll this why, sometimes, it becomes difficult to handle it cleaning hardwood floors. But if someone focuses on overall features of this brand wisely, he would come across the conclusion that he should ignore these problems to facilitate his life in real sense. Avoid non-existing problems and confidently pay for this reliable canister vacuum cleaner.


Decently terrific Hoover Platinum Lightweight UH30010COM is exposure of advanced technology that has been contributing a lot towards comfort of human life. Fairly economic price of this product matches with restricted budget of willing customer. Wide-ranging features compel to invest for having full command over this deluxe product and no doubt, this is the best canister vacuum.

best-canister vacuum 2

Finding the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners in its various models and sizes are an important part of today’s modern household. They’re essential tools for keeping the house clean and tidy. There are many types of vacuums in the market, and each type has its own functions. There are upright vacuum cleaners, which are usually good for cleaning carpets, handheld vacuums for cleaning smaller tasks like TV sets and keyboards, and canister vacuums, which are best suited for hardwood floors.

Canister vacuums have grown quite popular among households in recent times. The reason for this sudden surge of popularity is because canister vacuums are not only suitable for hardwood floors, but also for curtains, drapes, ceilings, stairs, sofas, shelves, lamps and even tables. Nowadays, even the best canister vacuums, suitable for everyday use, can be easily purchased online with no hassle at all.

If you plan on buying a vacuum for your carpeting, make sure to pick one with a power nozzle, since not all canister vacuums come with this powerful attachment.

Choose a Popular Brand

Dyson Canister Vacuum

best-canister vacuum 2

You’re probably also wondering how you can get the best vacuum cleaner that’s worth every cent you invest. It’s perfectly natural to ask yourself this as canister vacuums can be a bit pricey, and it would be a huge disappointment if you spent a lot of money on it, only to have it under-perform or not work at all.

The biggest suggestion we can give is to choose a canister vacuum made by the popular brands. The top brands at the moment are Hoover, Bosch, Electrolux, Eureka, Dyson, Miele, Oreck and Dirt Devil. Keep in mind that these branded vacuums do not come cheap. People buy these popular brands because they know that there’s an unspoken quality guarantee usually attached with it. Purchasing one of these vacuums will help you rest easy knowing that you will get more than what you paid for in terms of quality and durability.
Although big brands generally do offer better quality products, sometimes the vacuum cleaner from a specific brand may not be well suited for your situation. This is why we recommend reading customer reviews on a particular model before you make a purchase.

Moreover, canister vacuum reviews will show you the most significant and reliable information for buying your best one. Customer reviews can be helpful in finding the canister vacuum that’s best suited for your unique needs. You can get a lot of detail and specific information about the effectiveness of the vacuum that’s not usually covered by the manufacturer’s description. These customer reviews are a great way to obtain a better understanding of how each product actually plays out in the real world and on different surfaces.

Recommended Canister Vacuums

There are three particular types of vacuums which have received quite a lot of praise due to their superior durability and performance. These vacuums are: Hoover WindTunnel, Electrolux Harmony Ultra Quiet, and Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum.

Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum

The top rated Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuum (S3765-040) costs about $230 and has received positive praise from just about everyone that’s purchased it. It’s a bagless vacuum with a finger-touch variable speed control, a HEPA filter and a one year warranty. It has WindTunnel technology that works well on hardwood floors and carpets as well as a powerful suction that’s perfect for pet owners.

Electrolux Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum

The next one is the Electrolux Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum, and it costs about $200. This vacuum can come with a telescopic cleaning wand, which is excellent for those hard to reach areas in offices, homes and cars. It is also one of the most silent vacuums ever made.

Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum

The Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner costs about $300, and it comes with features like HEPA filters, full-bag indicators, and brush rolls that can be turned off for cleaning different floor surfaces.

Our Pick

Of the three vacuums listed above, the Hoover WindTunnel S3765-040 stands out the most, and therefore, receives our recommendation.

Black & Decker FHV1200 FlexVac Cordless

Black & Decker FHV1200 FlexVac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vacuum cleaners have always been a necessity when it comes to providing us with the means on how to tackle the problem of removing dirt, lint and pet hairs. Usually, the average dust and small sandy particles that get embedded into our floor rugs, carpets and couches can be fairly removed by ordinary vacuum cleaners. But chances are, that it does little to remove stubborn pet hairs that persistently cling onto the fabrics, forcing you to use alternative measures such as brushing it off and eventually damaging the fabric itself. This usually is an annoying process that can really take up most of your time from more important matters. Women who usually love to clean their precious carpets find the need for ease of use concerning with the weight and the ease of handling, which is usually the first choice for women. Next would be that of the way it can handle most of the dirt and grime, but most of all it should fit in with the category of being one of the best vacuum for pet hair.

FHV1200 Flex Vacuum Cleaner product info


Black and Decker seems to be thinking of that when they came out with the Black & Decker FHV1200 FlexVac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum cleaner has an ultra compact design that goes well in any storage space as it does not take up any relevant space at all. With a dimension of only 12 by 6 and by 10 inches, it is one of the smallest compact cordless vacuum cleaner that there is on the market today. Black and Decker applied the same technology it used on their cordless drills and drivers to this vacuum cleaner, allowing the design to take up less than what is needed as far as performance was concerned. It also uses an almost similar rechargeable battery type that Black and Decker uses which is incorporated into the designs of their cordless power tools. It has a wrap around flexible hose that can be easily clipped on and out from it’s securing clip.
It is also good to point out that the Black & Decker FHV1200 FlexVac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner has a 3 stage filtration system that assures that the filtered air that was used would be pumped out clean without any sediments that may escape from the containment compartment. Though Black and Decker declares that the filter in the vacuum cleaner is dishwasher safe, wouldn’t you think that it is a bit awkward to put something that you use in cleaning the most dirtiest parts of your house in a place where you wash the dishes that you use for eating? You will be interested to know that the charger and battery fully complies with energy efficiency standards that is Energy Star approved.

Black & Decker FHV1200 FlexVac Cordless

The Black & Decker FHV1200 FlexVac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner comes in to a valued retail price of $49.98 dollars and includes a comprehensive 2 year warranty on parts and services as they usually give their power tools. The initial battery charge should be within a whole day, to fairly optimize charging before prior use, it should be charged for 21 hours before putting it into full use and 3 hours of consecutive charging after every use to prolong it’s battery life. It can be considered as one of the best vacuums for pet hairs, considering it’s weighs 2 lbs., the ease of using it and the effort of carrying it around your house is hardly noticeable. As for the noise that it makes, it is considerably quite tolerable. Considering it’s price and the reputation of it’s manufacturer that is Black and Decker, expect the FHV1200 FlexVac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner to have the same quality as it has in the power tools that Black and Decker makes.


ProTeam 103242 Sierra Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Review

The ProTeam 103242 Sierra Backpack Vacuum Cleaner was intentionally designed to perform as an industrial type backpack vacuum cleaner, but the designers of the Sierra Backpack can’t seem to make up their minds as to what category they should appropriately designate this vacuum cleaner. Weighing in at 12 pounds, it is fairly lightweight compared to most backpack mounted vacuum cleaners, but what is more interesting is that it can also be used as a regular floor type canister vacuum cleaner! To think that this vacuum is only powered by a 928 watt, 8.3 ampere, brush-less DC induction motor, that runs in a very conservative and silent manner, much more quieter that the average household vacuum cleaner.

Despite being a little bit smaller that the average vacuum cleaner, the Sierra Backpack can still manage to produce a 95 cubic feet meter of airflow a minute and produce an equivalent of 92 inches of static lift (this is basically the equivalence of it’s efficiency in producing suction as measured by the distance in regards to inches). It’s specially designed stainless steel roller brush is the most prominent aspect of the vacuum itself, as the hose that is connected to the main vacuum body is equipped with a built in power connector that is used to operate the belt driven mechanism of the floor tool itself.

More than the mechanical aspect of the Sierra Backpack’s floor tool attachment is the belt that is used to operate the stainless steel roller brush, which was said that there was no need for it to be replaced. As I found out, the belt drive that they were using for the floor tool mechanism was manufactured by mixing rubber compounds with Kevlar fiber which clearly explains it’s strength. That is considered a major breakthrough considering that other manufacturer’s don’t exactly give much emphasis on some aspects like that. With regards to the vacuum hose itself, the Sierra Backpack has already started to use an anti-static dissipating technology that reduces the magnetic effect of fabrics prior to vacuuming, as to loosen up any particulate that are hard to dislodge because of the magnetic effect of static electricity.

In light of it’s range in efficiently cleaning an area, the Sierra Backpack has a long electrical chord that spans out to 50 feet from it’s main body. An average household vacuum cleaner usually has 20 to 30 feet of electrical wiring that is mostly a standard length for a power chord for most household vacuum cleaners. This easily gives the Sierra Backpack a 100 feet diameter cleaning radius that is more than enough to get to most of the hard to reach places like nooks and crannies. Another thing that I find amusing yet functional nevertheless is that the floor tool itself is equipped with …headlights?! No kidding, those designers at ProTeam really optimized their design of the Sierra Backpack, though it is a very practical and functional addition to it’s floor tool attachment which means that you can even keep on vacuuming your floors till the sun goes down. With a selling price of $592.99 and a 2 year warranty on labor and the motor itself, ProTeam took on it’s own initiative to even include a 1 year warranty on the power nozzle, the floor tool attachments and the hoses as well!


Black & Decker Platinum 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum Review

The BDH2000FL FLEX is provably one of the most powerful portable cordless hand held vacuum cleaner ever made by Black and Decker. Usually, I have only came across similar hand held vacuums that were rated at 12, 14 and up to 16 volts that were powered with 2500 milliampere Nickel Cadium and Lithium Ion batteries. Black and Decker has managed to re-design it’s motor from it’s previous model, the FHV12000, and resulted in a very efficient 20 volt brush less DC induction motor. Added to this, the Lithium Ion battery that it uses has it’s own integrated circuit that intelligently controls the flow of the power that the motor needs to run on. Lithium Ion batteries are more efficient than the traditional Nickel Cadium batteries as newer versions of these batteries have no memory effect, whatsoever.


There are still a lot of people out there who don’t really have a grasp of the idea of what “memory effect” is in regards to Lithium Ion batteries. The first generation of these batteries were just designed to give more capacitance in the energy that they store. In regards to non-motorized appliances, the milliampere rating describes the number of hours that the battery can give out it’s potential voltage at a constant rate without compromising it’s performance. Later improvements in regards to the addition of a circuit flow control built into the battery itself, drastically improving the number of hours that the motor can run, in this case the BDH2000FL FLEX, on it’s optimum operating voltage. Charging the BDH2000FL FLEX takes about 3 to 4 hours and having a built in charge indicator takes out the guess work in trying to determine if it already has reached it’s maximum charge capacity.


Another interesting point in using Lithium Ion batteries is that after fully charging it, you can safely tuck it away into storage for 18 months, that is more than a year, and you can still use the BDH2000FL FLEX since it’s batteries have no memory effect. Another good thing about lithium ion batteries is that you can safely put them in storage for a long time without ever worrying about battery leaks which produces harmful chemicals unlike ordinary storage batteries. The BDH2000FL FLEX includes an Energy Star approved smart charger that automatically shuts itself off when charging is complete, giving you the convenience of not having to worry about overcharging the batteries or the worries of burning out your charger in any event that you may have forgotten to unplug it.



The BDH2000FL FLEX has been equipped with a 4 foot flexible silicon rubber based hose which can find it’s usefulness when trying to clean those hard to reach places that inhibit you from getting to when using conventional floor type vacuum cleaners. Accessories include a pet hair tool for getting those stubborn pet hairs that are wedged in carpet fabrics, floor rug and couches, a crevice tool and a 2 in 1 brush tool for additional cleaning purposes. The BDH2000FL FLEX comes in with it’s own charging base that also acts as it’s storage cradle, so that you can conveniently put it away without having to misplace all of it’s accessories.


Measuring in at 11.9 inches by 7.7 inches and by 10.2 inches respectively and weighing in at 3.8 pounds, the BDH2000FL FLEX is priced at $99.99 dollars and is backed up with Black and Decker’s 3 year warranty including parts and services. It’s easy to open transparent dust containment compartment can be easily opened by a latch on it’s side, as you can conveniently pour out all the debris that you have collected. Added to this, the 3 stage air filter element in it’s air filtering system is quite durable and you can even wash it regularly. The main point of interest in the BDH2000FL FLEX is the fact that it is small enough to be carried around just about everywhere which removes the need for you to bring out your regular sized vacuum cleaner.

All in all, the BDH2000FL FLEX can easily handle regular household cleaning chores just like any other regular floor type vacuum cleaner with the big advantage of it being small and portable. Reaching those hard to reach nooks and crannies will not be a problem since you can easily carry the BDH2000FL FLEX to almost any part of your house or even in your car or recreational vehicle. It seems that Black and Decker has managed to fit power, portability and efficiency into the BDH2000FL FLEX without having to compromise it’s efficiency and performance.

clean-your house

The way to Keep Your Residences Clean in 6 Simple Actions

A clean area serves as a safe and sound spot to are in. From selecting our dream household for the genuine dwelling in it, we hope for practically nothing but to help keep it clear and maintain the elegance that it initially possessed. In fact,  we want it to look excellent so if at any time we program to offer it, its marketplace worth wouldn’t transform that much.A lot of people unearth it hard to clean their properties specifically if it is usually either substantial or they’ve young ones or pets with them. Despite the fact that the work might be significantly easier in your case, you will definitely not find a way to supervise the full factor and thus you may not know what that helper is performing. You can’t blame your children for just currently being plain childish and stubborn. They can be boys and girls in any case! And since you are left with something – to scrub it oneself, you might as well follow these random tactics for cleansing your home.


Shop your cleaning components where it is easy to have relatively easy accessibility when its time for you to cleanse your property. Ensure that prior to the entire cleaning approach, you prepare many of the cleaning materials needed to make cleansing a breeze. Be sure to have carpet cleaners, oven cleaners, and what have you ever. Usually do not also fail to remember your handy paper towels and rags during which you certainly will be implementing your cleaners.Be sure that you set a time as soon as you will undoubtedly be cleaning the home and you should definitely adhere to it effectively and strictly. Yes, I realize that environment the mood for cleansing may be very hard but when you just stick by your own timetable, which you your self set by the way, that would not be too exhausting notably for people with the proper determination or that.Help it become a behavior to invite your other relations for the period of your cleaning galores. This tends to not merely foster camaraderie but it surely may also positively strengthen your partnership. Cleaning would not be as robust as you presume particularly when you’ve got your loved ones assisting you complete the action. You only should make sure that that you simply approach pleasurable and interesting routines which is able to add a good deal more coloration and feeling to cleaning.Always keep elements in an orderly and organized way. Learn about and follow to make labels for stuffs which might be additional probable to cause litter. Tiny stuffs, like office materials this kind of as bits of paper, paper clips, pins, staple wires and also the like, should be stored in their good compartments and with accurate labels.

clean-your house

This will likely not just stop litter and also will assist you to locate these things effortlessly.Make sure to scrub a number of regions which might be difficult to access. Generally they’re the places that happen to be hidden and more likely to harbor microorganisms and filth. This will be the bottom portion within your sofa, the underside of your carpet as well as the like. Don’t forget to scrub walls having a place cleaning merchandise. Be sure to consider only the ones that are organic and all natural. There are numerous arguments why this should be selected through another non-natural property cleaning merchandise. Very well, for a single, these are purely natural so this means that through the use of this you preserve your loved ones from contacting the harmful chemical substances that happen to be carpet cleaners contained in these non-natural products and services. What’s more, these items are generally quite simply uncovered over the internet.Do not neglect things when cleansing. Just stick to these hassle-free tricks and you will uncover how convenient it really is to scrub your place. Always be sure to clean making use of purely natural cleaning products and services or green cleansing products for you as well as your family’s security .